Game patch 17/01 - 2023

PC: / Mac:

Console: Version: 1.68

Sul Sul, Simmers!

Happy New Year! We’ve taken care of all kinds of issues in this patch. Thank you all for your patience, and for staying vigilant in your reporting. We have a full year of The Sims 4 ahead of us, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Happy Simming!

-The Sims Team

Bug Fixes

Base Game

  • Toddlers were all looking a little too similar to each other. Now, they’ll reflect their parents and account for genetics.
  • Sims will no longer break the space-time continuum by moving when the game is paused.
  • The Mint Green Belted Cardigan (yfTop_CardiganBelted_SolidGreenMintBlack) no longer makes your Sim look like human spaghetti.
  • The Open Blazer (yfTop_BlazerOpenCollarTucked) now covers your Sim’s midriff properly.
  • A Juice Party will now count towards Throw 3 parties in the Party Aspiration.
  • Objects mounted on walls will no longer be removed when a different wall texture is applied in Build mode.
  • The Check for Pen Pal Replies option will now display as intended.
  • The Return from Daycare notification will now only appear once.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when entering Live Mode.
  • The Promise to Help interaction will now trigger in the appropriate situations.
  • It’s now possible to enable the free build cheat (bb.enablefreebuild) while in the Making Money Scenario. This cheat doesn’t even disable Achievements/Trophies on consoles either.
  • Removed duplicate Clean up prompts when around two Activity Tables.
  • When using the Off the Grid filter, objects will display the proper information about what skill they may impact.
  • Disabling Wants & Fears will now function as intended.
  • Fixed missing Comfort stats from many Comfort objects and items.
  • Fixed Public Bathrooms description information stating they’re for Hygiene instead of Bladder.
  • Sims will be able to use public bathroom stalls. No more holding it until you get home!


  • Adjusting the UI Scale from Game Options > Accessibility while in Create a Sim (CAS) should be more responsive so you can see your adjustments without waiting.
  • The Show: All Households list in the Manage Households menu can be scrolled meaning you can now see all Households as well.

Bust The Dust

  • Sniff Sniff Sims will perform the smelling animation the appropriate amount when their environment is dirty. No one likes a dirty litter box!

Get To Work

  • When your Sim grows up; Alien nose, chin, and eye width will carry over.
  • A respectful introduction will now fulfill the Greet Co-workers/Patients task as a part of the Doctor Career.


  • Sims won't freeze to death in the Summer when interacting with sprinklers. Someone must’ve forgotten to turn the air conditioner off… we’ll be sure to hand out blankets next time!
  • Sims are now able to properly schedule holidays when they have a teen in the house. Scheduling family trips is already hard enough!

Snowy Escape

  • Work Withdrawals are now removed when working during their off hours.

My Wedding Stories

  • Your Sims will no longer talk about planning their wedding ceremony after they are married.


  • Werewolves are now able to change their fur in CAS mode. Furtastic!